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Students about us

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  • Roberto M.
    Roberto M. April 26, 2021
    Hi everyone! I wanna just note to thanks for your professional helping with my homework. You having great ideas and the service you provided was excellent. My best recommendation!
  • Abigail B.
    Abigail B. December 6, 2021
    I have a bad habit of waiting till last minute to write my papers and mysupergeek has done a great job at helping me in those sticky situations.
  • John H.
    John H. February 3, 2021
    Thank you for saving me and my time throughout entire semester. Mysupergeek helped so much this year. As for the academic assistance, it is always top-notch.
  • Erica K.
    Erica K. August 13, 2021
    Great way to get work done even when you done have time and still pass a class!
  • Alisa M.
    Alisa M. May 26, 2021
    The service you provided was excellent! It was very nice to work with professional experts. Your attention to detail, great communication skills made my order better than I expected.
  • Mary S.
    Mary S. November 11, 2021
    Amazing and fast and easy. Great communication and will use it again.
  • Maya V.
    Maya V. November 24, 2021
    Simple. I appreciate that they make the process easy by guiding you through the website
  • Luis Z.
    Luis Z. March 22, 2022
    Timely work. Great experience and will continue to use mysupergeek in the future.
  • Carmen W.
    Carmen W. March 12, 2022
    I'm a bit nervous because I've never used this service before. However, everyone has been very nice so far.
  • Stephanie B.
    Stephanie B. November 4, 2021
    I am delighted with the work received. It was delivered promptly, and the service was excellent.
  • Yarianne D.
    Yarianne D. September 9, 2021
    My overall experience has been excellent and very professional. Thanks!
  • Kareen s.
    Kareen s. December 2, 2021
    AMAZING! Outstanding answering service and making it easy to find good support

Pricing and payments

Free features
  • Planning tasks
  • Sharing files
  • Storing materials
  • Chatting 24/7
Starting price

$9.99 /per hour

You deposit funds on our platform and
release payment to the Geek after your collaboration

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How is the final price calculated? open the answer

The final price is calculated based on the amount of time you spend consulting with the Geek.

When should I pay the Geek? open the answer

You deposit funds on our platform and release payment to the Geek only after your collaboration.

Can a Geek do my homework? open the answer

No, It goes against our Honor System. Geeks can only help you find materials, prepare notes, get acquainted with the topic, get ready for tests, etc.

Get Invaluable Homework Help With MySuperGeek

Are you the sort of student who panics about homework? Spends too long on assignments? Missed deadlines?

If any of these apply to you, MySuperGeek is here to help. We offer a range of services so that you can stay on top of your homework. With us, you’ll manage your time better, be more productive and get your tasks completed well before the deadline.

Use MySuperGeek and Become an Academic Ace

Being a student shouldn’t be all about work. Yes, it’s important that you attend classes, do your assignments and study, but there’s more to student life than your course.

With MySuperGeek, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy everything else that student life has to offer. We’ll help you make the most of the time you set aside for work. If you use our services, you’ll get your work done more efficiently and on time. You won’t have to spend ages on it and won’t have to stress about meeting the deadline.

If you’ve got academic potential, MySuperGeek will help you unlock it.


How Does Our Service Work?

If you decide to use MySuperGeek for homework help, you’ll find that our service is easy to use. First of all, you need to create an account. Once you’ve done this, simply do the following:

  1. Upload information about your homework along with any relevant files, and add the deadline
  2. Choose one of our Geeks to work on your task with
  3. When everything’s done, pay the Geek for the time they’ve spent helping you

Who are our Geeks? They’re our team of assistants who are determined to help you become the best student possible. If you’re looking for a tutor online, you’ll have to look elsewhere because our Geeks don’t offer online tutoring.

There are some online tutoring platforms where people will complete your homework for you. That’s not what we offer; it goes against our code. We’re one of the best tutoring platforms because we focus on other, more important things.

So, what is it our Geeks do? Though they don’t complete your assignments for you, they can help you in many other ways. Collaborate with a Geek, and they’ll help you find useful sources, get your notes prepared, understand your subject better and study for upcoming tests.


Customer Feedback

Lots of students have had a positive experience with MySuperGeek. Since 2018, over 11,300 people have collaborated with our Geeks to help them with tutor work and other assignments. We have a current rating of 4.7/5 and have received lots of positive feedback.

Students appreciate how effective our service is and how user-friendly our platform is. Many of them have said they’re going to use MySuperGeek again to help them manage future assignments.



If you’d like to collaborate with one of our Geeks for homework help, the starting price is $9.99 per hour. For each collaboration, you deposit the funds on our platform and release the payment to the Geek once your work’s done.

It’s up to you how much time you spend working with the Geek. If you want to collaborate for just an hour or two, that’s not a problem. Should you need a lot longer, that’s completely fine too.

Some of our features are free of charge. If you want to upload files, plan assignments and chat with one of our team members, there’s no cost at all. There are only charges if you want to collaborate with a Geek.


Get in Touch

If you have any questions about MySuperGeek and the services we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us 24/7. Whenever you send us a message through live chat, we’ll reply to you as soon as possible.