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Receive Trustworthy Help With Thesis Statement

Composing a thesis statement is one of the most important aspects of academic life. As a student, you must use it in almost every assignment type when making an argument. It is the heart of every assignment! Read ahead to learn everything about it! 

Thesis Statement Definition

hile the structure and composition of your thesis statement will depend on the type of essay you must complete, it is usually one or two sentences. A thesis statement summarizes your main idea and a strong argument that controls other ideas presented in your academic paper. It is not the same as a topic sentence in the body paragraphs and not the subject of your assignment. As you place it at the end of your introduction section, it has a clear aim: to reflect your main idea or opinion. The main element of your paper guides the reader through your thoughts and vision. 

Let us assume that you have to conduct research on the subject of bullying among middle school students. In such a case, you would have to introduce the problem in the first paragraph by offering statistical data and basic background. Once your target audience learns about the issue, you can lead them to the main argument and the claim you wish to make. It is precisely what your thesis statement represents. Based on your subject, it may look this way: 

"Negative behaviors are always learned and mastered as learners observe practical examples, which makes it easy to tell that positive examples and change of the daily school culture are an efficient solution to eliminate bullying.

How to Compose an Excellent Thesis Statement?

Composing a thesis statement might sound overly challenging since most college and university students tend to create it either too early or when they have already completed an assignment. As you seek help with a thesis statement, It is important to remember that your thesis is a flexible matter and can be adjusted at some later stage. If you learn something as you develop your ideas or edit something, you can change the wording in your thesis. As an author, you must focus on these five important aspects: 

  1. Focus on the main question related to your chosen subject. 
  2. Provide an answer to the problem as you create your thesis.
  3. Try your best to develop clear answers by focusing on the reasoning. 
  4. Feel free to improve and change the wording of your thesis by capturing the main idea. 
  5. Do not make your thesis statement a copy of your paper's title word by word. 

Tip: You can always add a second explanatory thesis statement sentence to avoid confusion and provide a clearer explanation if necessary! 

Tips on How to Write a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is all about deep analysis and reflection, so you must focus on every important detail of your assignment and turn it into a special summary. Keeping all of these challenges in mind, here are some helpful writing tips to take things to another level: 

  • Choose something that can help you make your readers think and reflect. 
  • Do not aim for perfection and precision, but mention information that may be secondary. If it requires research and is worth mentioning, go for it! 
  • Your thesis statement must aim for clarity and a high level of confidence. It is achieved with the help of an explanatory tone. 
  • While using facts may seem important, avoiding using facts or statistical information to shape your thesis is recommended. 
  • Avoid composing your thesis before writing, as it may not capture all the ideas and vision you may develop throughout your paper. 
  • Use correct wording and try to read it aloud to determine if it sounds clear. 

Thesis Statement Types 

Start by looking closely at your grading rubric to determine what type of thesis statement suits your essay type and subject. While it is not always mentioned as you seek help with a thesis statement, there are at least three main thesis statement types which are analytical, argumentative, and explanatory. As one may assume, you can provide analysis as you write, state a clear argument, or provide an explanation that will help your readers understand your thoughts. It should be mentioned that it is also possible to encounter other common types that may include but are not limited to: 

Thesis Statement Type


What to Include




It must include a story or something that can inspire your readers. It is usually used for reflective and analytical papers. 


Unusual Fact


You may speak of something that surprises and inspires your readers by making them wish to check things. 




While it is not always suitable, you must start with a quote. It is suitable for book or movie reviews or writing an essay about some personality. 




As the title explains, you must provide information explaining some issue or dealing with the problem as you make a statement for persuasive tasks. 




It stands for the synthesis of information that you may have to explore. When you conduct a synthesis paper, it is the most suitable type. 


Rhetorical Question


Your thesis may also represent one that will fit well for school debates or an argumentative paper. Make sure to keep the question clear if you must show your position. This is where an explanatory sentence can become helpful! 




Consider providing a definition when writing about some concept or composing a paper on philosophy or beliefs. It is where your thesis can become a definition either posed by science or in your opinion. 




It is also possible to deal with historical facts or information from statistical data sources. It may also relate to historical points based on your subject. 




Your thesis is based on the type of audience that you may have to address in writing. 



Why Do Students Seek Help With Thesis Statements?

The worst situation a college student may encounter is seeing a comment from a professor claiming that a thesis statement is too weak or unclear. Simply put, your paper will receive a low grade, or you may have to revise. Such a complaint means that a professor cannot understand your assignment intentions or see exactly what you were trying to deliver. If your message is unclear, it always poses a problem. This is why so many students these days ask for help with a thesis statement online to compose a strong thesis from scratch or improve an existing one. 

Sometimes, you may already have an assignment that you have done based on excellent ideas but feel unsure about what to write in a thesis or what idea to take. Asking an expert to check the paper and suggest something helpful is one solution that makes it easier to overcome and use correct words that will impress and help one's paper stand out. Asking for additional help with thesis statement also allows us to avoid repetition and plagiarism issues, especially when dealing with literary reviews, lab reports, or special paraphrased quotes. 

Find Professional Help With Thesis Statement Online 

We know exactly how you feel when you are stuck and cannot develop a thesis for a reflective assignment or literary analysis paper! It is only natural to feel a lack of confidence as you need to develop a single argument that will impress your target audience. The same is true for assignments that will require a lot of reading. If your time is running out and an urgent deadline is approaching, you can consult one of our trained experts. It will help you save time and nerves by discussing your issues or simply sharing your notes and the grading rubric to help us determine the best solutions together.

As a team of trained specialists in various subjects, we can assist you in evaluating and collecting helpful data that will make your thesis statement impressive and strong. Even if you must create a thesis statement for a letter of intent for college enrollment, we are always happy to help with making a thesis statement to improve things as you aim for the institution of your dreams! If you are unsure about your thesis statement or have any questions about how to write a thesis statement, feel free to get in touch!

Why Choose Mysupergeek For Your Study Needs?

When you must compose an excellent thesis statement or edit your writing to perfection, it is not always possible to do it alone! Even the brightest college students often seek assistance because extreme stress makes them feel confused and lost. As a team of academic experts, we are here to help you take control of your assignment workload and find solutions in any situation. The reasons why MysuperGeek service is safe and helpful are: 

  • We help you organize and structure assignments by keeping track of your files, subjects, and concerns. 
  • We always meet your deadlines by helping you schedule your assignments and offering academic assistance based on suggestions and friendly guidance. 
  • Around-the-clock assistance guarantees that our customer care team will always handle your academic challenges right away. 
  • You only have to submit your rubric instructions with guidelines for your task or share your ‘help me with a thesis statement’ message to let us collaborate and help you submit things on time! 
  • You pay us only when you are happy with the results and see good solutions that work for you! 


  • Where should I place a thesis statement? 

Unless stated otherwise, a thesis statement must be placed at the end of your introduction paragraph. In certain cases, a thesis can appear right at the start of your paper and remain in italics. If unsure, always consult your grading rubric and/or an academic advisor. 

  • Should my thesis statement remain a single sentence? 

In most cases, a typical thesis statement is a single sentence. If you need to add an explanation or avoid misunderstanding, a second sentence may be used for explanatory purposes. It is especially relevant in Sociology, Law, and Healthcare papers. 

  • How can I improve a thesis statement? 

Your thesis statement can be improved by playing with the wording and trying to read it aloud. A good trick is to provide more explanatory information in your introduction paragraph by helping your readers see the significance of your thesis. This way, you can make it look more impressive. 

  • Can you help me edit my thesis? 

We are ready to assist you with editing and improving your thesis statement by offering helpful suggestions and tips. An expert will evaluate your assignment and show you how to strengthen it or share recommendations to make your thesis stand out!